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In this section of our Gourmet shop we offer a selection of Spanish Iberico Hams. Best prices in Spanish ham and cured meat

Sliced hand cut Iberic Jabugo ham by Miguel and Maria. Vacuum packed. Healing process 2 to 4 years. Sweet and intense flavor and pleasant aroma. Sliced portions of 180 gr
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Iberic Acorn Fed Ham Juan Manuel DO Guijuelo, acorn-fed fattening pigs in "montanera" season. The weight of the pieces varies between 7,200 kg and 7.400kg. Healing of 3 to 5 years. Sweet and intense flavor and pleasant aroma.
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Piece of Acorn-fed Iberic Ham from Juan Manuel without bone. Denomination of origin Guijuelo. From free-range pigs, acorn-fed in late fall-early winter. Each ham piece with bone weighs between 7.200 and 7.400  kg. The curing process lasts from 3 to 5 years: the first 20 months in natural drying rooms and the rest in cellars. Sweet and intense flavor and...
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Gourmet Catalan sausage with Truffle
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