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The Dehesa de los Llanos artisan manchego cheese is a semi-cured cheese made from sheep's milk. With a maturity period of three months with a pleasant and elegant taste. Wedge available 100gr., 250gr. or 500g.
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Koloria Zelu Cheese is a semi-hard cheese made from raw sheep's milk. With a minimum maturity period of three months. Wedge available 100gr., 250gr. or 500g.
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The Torta Cheese is an organic cheese made from un-pasteurized sheep’s milk from our own flock. This unique cheese is made using only Cynara Cardunculus, the “Cuajo” plant that grows freely throughout our land, and salt. Its flavour is smooth yet personal, well defined and persistent, with hints of the pistils from this wild blue flower used in the...
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The Cumbre de Trujillo cheese is a provocation for the senses is what this cheese has to offer. Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk following a century old recipe inherited from the wisest shepherds of the area. Its appearance, ivory white with small irregular eyes scattered throughout its creamy but consistent texture, anticipates the pleasure that will...
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